Here's "The List"  for the next few weeks.

All products are suitable for vegans.

If you live in Glasgow, delivery is free to your home or workplace, whatever is most convenient.  Just let me have your order by Monday evening & I will deliver it sometime on a Friday. NB, minimum order of £5 applies to qualify for free delivery. 

If you would like to place an order & collect it yourself, then there will be no minimum order, you can simply place your order & come collect it from me at a mutually convenient time.  Again, if you want to order to collect yourself, I must have your orders by MONDAY EVENING.

Please take a moment to read the allergen information if you have any food intolerance.

Sourdough loaves:  all flavoured loaves are 500gms in weight.

  • Butternut Squash sourdough £3.50  VV
  • Roasted beetroot & raw, organic cider vinegar, £3.50 VV
  • Coconut milk, chilli, lime & coriander £3.50  VV
  • Caramelised onion, turmeric, poppy & linseed £3.50  VV
  • Tea bread; orange marmalade,Scottish breakfast tea, sultanas, raisins, & cranberries, £3.50  VV
  • Medium rye, £2.00 for 600gms or £3.00 for 1kg loaves, available as a tin loaf or baked free form  VV 
  • 100% rye sourdough tin loaves £3.00 for 800gms  VV
  • 100% rye cranberry & pecan sourdough tin loaves £4.00 for 800gms VV
  • Plain white sourdough, £2.00 for 600gms or £3.00 for 1kg loaves, available as a tin loaf or baked free form. VV
  • Wholemeal spelt with apple & pumpkin seeds  £3.50 for 600gms  VV
  • Walnut sourdough, £3.00 for a 600gm loaf, (this one has wheat flours & Orkney beremeal, resulting in a delicious malty wholesome flavoured loaf). VV
  • Rhubarb & white chocolate sourdough £3.50 VV
  • Strawberry & white chocolate sourdough £3.50 VV Currently unavailable
  • Rapberry & white chocolate sourdough £3.50 VV Currently unavailable


The rolls are £2.00 each are between 150-200gms, & it's a minimum order of 4 rolls per flavour, (it's very difficult just making one of each roll with the added ingredients!)

  • Coffee & raisin. VV
  • Cranberry & pecan VV
  • Salted caramel & pecan VV
  • Caramelised onion & mushroom. VV
  • Balsamic roasted beetroot & orange VV
  • Plain brioche sliders which are £3 for six & are 100gms per roll. VV



  • Rhubarb, tequilla & lime tartlets, these are a take on a key lime pie, with the addition of tequilla & rhubarb! £1.50 each, (minimum order of 4) VV

  •  Toffee apple custard tarts, roasted apples, custard & toffee sauce all in a handy wee sweet sourdough pastry case, so convenient & so good!  £1.50 each, (minimum of 4 per order) VV

  • Seasonal roasted veg pie with a delicious garlic infused "cheesey" sauce.  Filling includes roasted cauliflower, brussel sprouts, roast parsnips, roast sweet potatoes & caramelised onions. This comes in a foil tray so you can freeze & save if you want but it never lasts long in my house.  Serves 8 people, £15.00 VV

Continental Style Sourdoughs:


  • Cinnamon buns with salted caramel; £2.00 each, (minimum order of 2)
  • Rhubarb & stem ginger stollen with ginger marzipan, drizzled with a rhubarb icing & scattered with toasted almonds. Approximately 800gms in wheight, £10.00 VV


  • Roasted tomato with chilli, vegan chorizo, red onion & olive focaccia with a tomato pesto pesto base  £10.00 VV
  • Roasted tomato, vegan mozzarella, red onion, green & black olives, artichokes & Mara seaweed flakes on a yummy seasonal nettle & lovage pesto  £10.00 VV
  • Roasted beetroot, vegan cream cheese, orange, mint, red onion & pomegranate molasses for a vegan focaccia £10.00 VV 
  • Kale, vegan mozzarella, caramelised red onions, & agave syrup vegan focaccia £8.50 VV
  • ​Rosemary & roasted garlic £5.00 VV

The focoaccia are available to order whole, are usually a minimum of 750gms,  they freeze beautifully & will make a delicious treat to share with friends, (or greedily indulge yourself in!)..

  • Batch baked caramelised onion & sage ciabatta rolls, (approx 140gm per roll), £5.00 for 6 rolls  VV
  • Batch baked ciabatta rolls, (approx 100gms per roll), £3.00 for 6 rolls VV


Sourdough Sweeties:

Chewy peanut, pumpkin & flax seed butter cookies, (great energy food!)  four for £2.50  VV

Chilli chocolate orange cakes, dipped in decadent ganache & rolled in roasted hazlenuts, four for £4.00 VV

Sourdough pecan & fruit cake:  Half a cake, (800gms)  £7.00; full cake, (1.6 kg), £12.00  VV

Moist nettle & lemon sponge cake, sandwhiched together with zesty lemon butter cream & home made jam or jelly, (approx 200gms), £3.50 per cake VV  This is no longer available with nettles but I can do it with just the lemon.  The nettles will be back in 2019!

Sticky toffee pudding.  This comes in a foil container & serves 8 people with a seperate jar of sticky toffee sauce.  £10.00  VV

Gingerbread loaf.  This is a family favourite in my house.  We love it sliced with a smear of dairy free butter & a mug of tea or warmed through & smothered in custard!  Approximately 400gms.  £4.00  VV 

Individual coffee & walnut cake, moist coffee sponge, with crunchy walnut pieces through it, sandwhiched together with sweet coffee icing & topped with a more coffee icing & a toasted whole walnut.....heaven.....sigh.  Approximately 200gms, £3.50 per cake  VV 

Banana & Chocolate Chunks Loaf Cake, whole chunks of dark chocolate nestling in delicious silky sponge.........YUM!  Approximately 400gms,  £4.00  VV  



I also take special requests so if there is some flavour combination you want me to try, then let me know & I will happily oblige.

To place an order, email me.