Taster Workshops


sourdough The Taster workshops are just that.  They give you a brief overveiw of how to make & bake sourdough, including hands on experience, we cover the science behind sourdough, (but not in a crazy way!), the way different flours work & the most important part of sourdough baking, how to maintain your starter & understand it.  


Hosted in Springburn Allotment Gardens, we shall be looking at a variety of very common plants which plague gardeners & allotmenteers.  We will look at the nutritional & medicinal profile of some of the super foods which are growing right under our nose & hopefully next time you are busy about to yank them up, you may decide to utilise them instead or leave them for the wild life to enjoy.  We will make some delicious food & a selection of home remedies.  So what are you waiting for, get your wellies out & come down & join us while we "go wild" for a few hours!


 For the breads workshop you will be making your own sourdough which you will take home to finish proving & bake at home, you will be shaping & baking some sourdough to eat with our lunch & we shall be making a starter from scratch which you will take home to nurture & if any of you wish to take some of my mature starter home with you, you can do.  We shall also be making & sampling some sourdough pancakes & looking at other ways of using your starter.



For the cakes & desserts workshop we shall be making a sourdough vegan cake, pudding, pastry & cookie as well as covering care of your starter & making a starter from scratch.  As with the breads, you can take some of my mature starter away with you too, if you wish. 


After support for all workshops will be given, so if you experience any hitches you can be rest assured that help will be on hand.  Everything you bake on the day, will be going home with you. 

A few words of caution regarding the cakes & desserts.  This is NOT a healthy raw vegan workshop.  I want to enjoy cakes & desserts which taste the way my Grandmother used to make them & she was an excellent baker.  They were meltingly moreish & totally tasty & comforting, but healthy they certainly weren't.  That said, this kind of food is eaten as a treat & it is surely good for our soul to be decadent now & again.  

You will leave the workshops with a real knowledge of how sourdough works during baking & the confidence & skills to go & make & bake your own sourdough at home.

A light meal will be provided at all workshops, ( I don't want you leaving hungry!), some of which you will have made yourselves during the course of the sessions.  



FORAGING Saturday 04/05/2019  11am to 1pm 9 PLACES AVAILABLE

SOURDOUGH BREAD Saturday 11/05/2019  11am to 3pm  1 PLACE STILL AVAILABLE

SOURDOUGH CAKES & DESSERTS Saturday 25/05/2019  11am to 4pm  3 PLACES AVAILABLE


FORAGING Saturday 01/06/2019  11am to 1pm  10 PLACES AVAILABLE

SOURDOUGH BREAD Saturday 08/06/2019  11am to 3pm  5 PLACES AVAILABLE

SOURDOUGH BREAD Saturday 29/06/2019  11am to 3pm  4 PLACES STILL AVAILABLE


All Sourdough Workshops

Little Sourdough Bakery

59 Lenzie Place
G21 3TZ

Cost: Sourdough Bread Workshops £45.00 per person.

          Sourdough Cakes & Desserts Workshops £65.00 per person.

All Foraging Workshops

Springburn Allotment Gardens

Sringburn Road


G21 3BB

Cost:  £10.00 per person


To book your place or any other questions, get in touch with me at  info@thelittlesourdoughbakery.co.uk

NB: All places must be paid for in advance at the time of booking & all payments are taken online, (details will be given on booking requests). There is a no cancellations policy.  Places can be rescheduled under extenuating circumstances.