Sourdough Taster Workshops

The Taster workshops are just that. They give you a brief overveiw of how to make & bake sourdough, including hands on experience, we cover the science behind sourdough, (but not in a crazy way!), the way different flours work & the most important part of sourdough baking, how to maintain your starter & understand it. 


Sourdough Breads Workshops                 

For the breads workshops, you will be making your own sourdough which you will take home to finish proving & bake at home, you will be shaping & baking some sourdough to eat with our lunch & we shall be making a starter from scratch which you will take home to nurture & if any of you wish to take some of my mature starter home with you, you can do.  We shall also be making & sampling some sourdough pancakes & looking at other ways of using your starter.


This workshop is available on demand & will cover different flours, how they can be blended & how the lack of gluten affects the structure of the finished bakes.  We shall be making a starter from scratch which you will then take away to finish caring for at home & you can take some of my mature starter as well if you wish.  We'll be making a gluten free focaccia to have with our lunch & a loaf using a selction of flours which you will have blended yourself, to take home to finish proving & bake at home.  There will also be some sourdough pancakes to sample & we will investigate other uses for your starter.

To book as a group or a one to one session, email me & we can arrange a mutually convenient date.

A WORD OF WARNING; Although we will be using gluten free flours for this workshop I cannot gurantee that there will be no cross contamination of gluten flours from production during the week.  This workshop will not be suitable for people who have a severe reaction to gluten. 

After support for all workshops will be given, so if you experience any hitches you can be rest assured that help will be on hand.  Everything you bake on the day, will be going home with you. 


Mindful Tea Blending & Tasting Workshop   

A massive two thirds of us will experience mental health issues in our lifetime, and stress is often a key factor in developing more serious problems.  So what’s something most people do in their everyday life that could act as a perfect opportunity to take 5 minutes away and de-stress? Your cup of tea of course!

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a form of meditation where you simply focus your attention on the present moment. Meditation is a bit more daunting & takes more time, but being “mindful” is a little more manageable.  We just need something enjoyable to focus on & lets face it, our daily cuppa can be just the ticket.

During our mindful tea tasting, we will try a selection of teas, both foraged & cultivated.  This will be a hands on session & you will decide which teas you want to try & how you wish to blend them.  You will be given a sheet with each herb & the nutritional & medicinal properties of each. 

As with all the workshops, a light lunch will be provided, most likely with a foraged element.



Winter Wonderland Tree Magic, Food & Medicine Workshop

This is a special seasonal workshop in February where we shall explore all the gifts which our coniferous woody friends offer us, (date at the bottom of the page).

In those dark days of winter, when the cold is challenging our body & spirit, I can't think of a better remedy than an old fashioned tonic syrup.  This one will be both preventative & restorative, calling on the nourishing,medicinal powers of conifers, winter berries, tonic & adaptogenic herbs, sugar & warming spices.  Add a splash of vodka in at the end & you have a delicious tonic syrup which will help bolster your immunity, make your heart sing & truly lift your spirits.  Plus, they are also totally delicious!  Add a splash to your cocktails, glug in to sparkling water, drizzle over desserts & ice cream, over your porridge & mix in to smoothies.  If you're feeling under the weather, take it by the spoonful or as a hot tea to soothe the symptoms of cold & flu, sore throats, coughs & congestion.  Don't worry, I'm not going to force you outdoors to collect it all beforehand, I'm all too aware of how inclement the weather can be at that time of year.  It will all be ready for you, in my nice cosy kitchen.

We will also make some delicious coniferous infused sugar & salt for you take away & experiment with in your cooking & baking at home.

As with all of my workshops, we shall sit down to a light meal of seasonal soup, sourdough & a wee coniferous sweet treat.

You will be leaving with the tonic recipe along with with recipe suggestions for your infused sugar & salt & the medicinal & nutritional profile of all the plants we use on the day.  


The Foraging Workshops

Hosted in Springburn Allotment Gardens, all of the profits from the foraging workshops will go back in to the pot to fund a variety of free or subsidised community workshops & activities on site for both adults & children.  All of the community events will be advertised on The Little Sourdough Bakery Facebook page as well as Springburn Gardens Facebook page so unless it's a paid foraging activity, you will need to hop over to one of these pages to see what's available


There are several options for those with an interest in wild food & plant medicine & these change throughout the seasons so that no two events are the same. 


This one is a quick overview, so to speak, of what's sitting there under our noses!  During our walk around Springburn Gardens Allotments site, we shall look at a variety of very common plants which plague gardeners & allotmenteers.  We will look at the nutritional & medicinal profile of some of the super foods which are growing where we might not necessarily want them to be, but hopefully, next time you are busy about to yank them up, you may decide to utilise them instead or leave them for the wild life to enjoy.  You will be given clear instructions on how to make a variety of internal & external home remedies & there will be some of "wild" snacks for you to try during the course of the workshop. This is a two hour workshop.


This workshop combines both foraging & a little sourdough, (one of my other favourite subjects!).  For this we shall be enjoying some freshly baked sourdough focaccia, plus we shall go out & gather some "wild" ingredients to go with our lunch.  We will look at both the nutritional profile & medicinal uses of the plants we gather ,make some delicious food to eat with our lunch, after which, we shall make some simple home remedies.  You will be given clear instructions on how to make a variety of internal & external home remedies, which you will take away with you to put to good use when you get home. This workshop is pretty much a full day & there will be plenty of foraged, fermented & sourdough refreshments on hand throughout, to keep your strength up!  

The foraging workshops will inspire you to look at what is literally growing all around us & encourage you to utilise the amazing health benefits of some of these "wild" superfoods, to boost your health both nutritionally & medicinally.


Refreshments will be provided at all workshops, ( I don't want you leaving hungry!), some of which you will have made yourselves during the course of the sessions.  



SOURDOUGH BREADS  Saturday 14/07/2019  11am to 3pm  1 PLACE STILL AVAILABLE



MINDFUL TEA BLENDING & TASTING  Saturday 11/01/2020  11.30am to 13.30pm  6 PLACES AVAILABLE

SOURDOUGH BREADS Saturday 25/01/2020  11am to 3pm FULLY BOOKED




MINDFUL TEA BLENDING & TASTING  Sunday 09/02/2020  11.30am to 13.30pm  6 PLACES AVAILABLE


SOURDOUGH BREADS Saturday 22/02/2020  11am to 3pm  5 PLACES AVAILABLE



MINDFUL TEA BLENDING & TASTING Sunday 08/03/2020  11.30am to 13.30pm  6 PLACES AVAILABLE

SOURDOUGH BREADS Saturday 21/03/2020  11am to 3pm  5 PLACES AVAILABLE



The Sourdough Workshops, Mindful Tea Blending &Tasting, Winter Wonderland Tree Magic, Food & Medicine;                                                     

The Little Sourdough Bakery

59 Lenzie Place



G21 3TZ           


The Foraging Workshops                                                     Hogweed Shoots

The Field Kitchen & Schoolroom

Springburn Allotment Gardens

Sringburn Road


G21 3BB



Sourdough Bread Workshops  £45.00 per person

Sourdough Gluten Free Flours Bread Workshops:

£65.00 per person, minimum of five people for a group booking.

£100.00 per person for a one to one session.


Mindful Tea Blending & Tasting £20.00 per person.


Winter Wonderland Tree Magic Workshop £45.00 per person.


Focaccia & Foraging Food/Home Remedies Workshops, 6 hours, £45.00 per person

Foraged Walk & Home Remedies, 2 hours, £15.00 per person



         To book your place or any other questions, get in touch with me at

NB: All places must be paid for in advance at the time of booking & all payments are taken online, (details will be given on booking requests). There is a no cancellations policy.  Places can be rescheduled under extenuating circumstances.