So you want to learn how to make sourdough?  Well, you are in the right place!

This course is for the serious baker and will give you real skills and knowledge to go away and make your own sourdough. 

The only way to really experience something properly is to engage in each part of the process from start to finish; with sourdough this takes time.

image of sourdough bread baking

Day one

  • the theory of sourdough
  • making a production sourdough
  • make four doughs using different types of flour
  • Select  fillings for your plain white dough
  • guidance on how to knead
  • learn when your dough is ready to prove
  • review the impact of salt, temperature & hydration

Day two

  • feeding your new starter
  • the addition of the fillings 
  • shaping & final proving
  • baking
  • troubleshooting and how to deal with potential problems.


Duration:  two full days, from 10am to 4pm.  

Location:  my own kitchen in Glasgow.

Cost: £200 per person, for a maximum of two people.  


baked sourdoughsStudent numbers are deliberately low because I wish to ensure that every person on the course has my attention from start to finish.

On both days I will provide refreshments through out the day & a light lunch.


If you wish to book me then my contact details are:

Phone:  07762 315108